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01 February 2022

2.12 billion in solid waste!

The world is facing an overwhelming crisis of waste. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, humans generate around 2.12 billion tons of solid waste each year, with nearly a third of it coming from packaging alone.

This waste is more than just a nuisance-it is a danger to our environment and our health. Solid waste contributes to air pollution, water contamination, and land degradation. It also hampers efforts to achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals as well as other global environmental goals. 

To tackle this issue, we must strive to reduce, reuse, and recycle in order to reduce our overall waste output. We can start by decreasing our consumption of single-use plastics, opting for sustainable packaging where possible, and recycling any materials that cannot be reused. 

We must also develop innovative solutions for managing the waste that is already generated, such as finding new uses for materials that are typically discarded or repurposing them for energy production. This can help us to improve resource efficiency and conserve our planet’s natural resources. 

It is up to us to take action and make a difference in order to protect our environment and ensure a greener future for generations to come.